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Customer Reviews for The World's Best Eye Patch

Thanks for such a great product! | The Marvelous CB

I’ve been wearing an eyepatch for the past six or seven years (due to a series of strokes) and these are by far the best I’ve tried. Comfortable, lightweight, easy to clean, fun colors - the list goes on.

Amazing Eye Patch | Liz from Santa Rosa

This eye patch is amazing! AMAZING!!! It’s very comfortable and super soft yet holds it shape. It actually feels cool and soothing. It really fits. It stays put. It is low profile and fits under my glasses. It’s properly sized to the shape of the eye. It doesn't overwhelm your face (I’m a small female). It looks natural, not freakish. It switches from eye to eye easily (I have to do that hourly) and it doesn’t fall apart or fray or lose its shape with constant handling. It allows the covered eye to blink unobstructed. I feel confident wearing it. I can wear it in the water - yippee! The colors give me a fun way to express myself. The natural tones are nice too. The holes for the elastic are in the right places on the patch. The elastic strap is adjustable and comfortable. This is the best best best patch I’ve ever had. And the order came quickly. A million, million thanks for making a colorful and affordable product that actually works.

Eye Patch after Surgery | Vance

I've had six eye procedures in the past three years, and the seventh is scheduled for next week. Your eye patch was again pulled out of a drawer for use. It's far better than anything the eye clinic issues, both for keeping out dust and eliminating light.

Amazing Eye Patch | Adam

Just wanted to say thank you! Shipping was super fast and this is an amazing eye patch! Room to blink and if fits under my glasses! Thank you again! I'm going to leave a review just not sure how to leave a pic with it.

Best Eye Patch | David

Hello The Best Eyepatch Gang, I've just ordered another pair of patches in 2 different colours and am looking forward to trying them out when they arrive. I've been wearing a patch over my left eye for well over a year now and I've only ever worn yours so I must be pretty happy. It’s soft, flexible and comfortable to wear and as you say very easy to keep clean. Thanks for a great product!

Most Comfortable Eye Patch | Mr. B, Wisconsin

I have been wearing an eye patch for decades and have developed a contact dermatitis to the black dye in the ultra-suede patch. I presumed that since your patch is silicone the dye is different from that used in cloth and is fixed into the silicone. I have been wearing it for a week without problems. It clearly is the most comfortable patch that I have worn.

Definitely World's Best Eye Patches | K.J. Ph.D

When my wife had eye surgery and it looked as though she would need to wear a patch for a while, I did an internet search. This site "World’s Best Eye-patch" can't be real. I read the story and thought yeah but the world’s best?

Well we ordered a set of 5 in a variety of colors. My wife began wearing them and I can't believe it. THESE ARE THE WORLDS BEST EYE-PATCHES!!!

I'm ordering another 5 in 5 more colors. I would recommend them to anyone.

Simply Amazing Eye Patches | Customer from United Kingdom

I just ordered my latest batch of eye patches from you in your 5 for the price of 4 offer. I previously ordered 3 patches from you and have to say that they are AMAZING! Really comfortable and easy to keep clean. I've ordered some more so that I can match them to my favourite tops/outfits and have more fun with colours. I also gave away one of my previous ones to a stranger who asked me about mine and I was carrying a spare, so gave it to him because the one he was wearing was looking rather dirty and ragged. Well done guys! It's great that someone has finally got an easy to order, washable, comfortable patch in a variety of nice colours.

Great Eye Patch for Under Glasses | J.W.

Wow!  I have been so sick of altering drugstore patches (so they fit under my glasses) I'll have to throw them away.  This patch goes under my glasses, and never has to be thrown away!  I love it!

Everyone Needing an Eye Patch Should Get them from You | Michiko

I received my eye patch and I just wanted to say that it is amazing! I was skeptical when ordering because no eye patches have worked for me... they've all been so uncomfortable to the point that I haven't been able to wear one. Your patch is truly the BEST I have come across, especially as my eyelashes don't touch the inside...Everyone in the world who needs an eye patch has to have one of these!

This Eye Patch is Amazing | Margaret in Australia

Just wanted to say the 5 eye patches I order have arrived today Friday 22nd July 2016. My son is very happy with them as his old one was just holding together. He likes the grey ones.

This eye patch is amazing. We have given your website to specialist who is going to pass it onto his patients and other Doctors. He was very impressed with patch and had never seen one before. Thanking you.

Eye Patch Customer for Life | Robert

I received my patch today and being pretty new with patches I guess I got pretty lucky by finding you guys!

This fits perfect and everyone says that it looks good on me! I also know that it fits very well and for the price, I could not ask for anything better! I also think that if I went looking for anything better, I would be severely disappointed! One thing is for sure and that is you have earned a customer for life! Thank you so much!!

Very Comfortable Eye Patch | Denise from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Thank you again. I am already wearing my new patch and really like it. It is much more comfortable than the drugstore patch!

A-1 Eye Patch | Les from Michigan

The eye patches are fantastic. I had some from W**** but they were nothing like what you sent me. Thank you guys for an A-1 eye patch. I'll be back.

Finally the Perfect Eye Patch | Ira

I just got your "stuff" today, and it looks perfect. I've had so many ones, I wanted to cry. Thanks again. I'm sure I will eventually get some more.

Child's Eye Patch | Jenny's Daughter

I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Got home from work this evening to find that Kate's eye patches had arrived, she immediately tried one, loves them and wants some more!  It's such a relief to know she'll be confident enough to go to school tomorrow, without her prosthetic eye, wearing one of her new patches, which will make the 2 days of hourly drops so much easier for her to administer. Thank you again.

I Love My New Eye Patch | Toni

I got the eye patches a couple days ago and love them, totally love them. Thank you for being there for all of us that need you! Again, you guys are great.

An Amazing Eye Patch | Terry from Austrialia

Thank you so much for this amazing eye patch. I had an accident in the surf and am having to wear a patch for a couple of months. I tried all sorts of patches, but found them to be very annoying and uncomfortable. Yours is amazing. Thanks from Australia.

Full Time Eye Patch | John in La Mesa, California

Received your eye patch the other day. Retinal damage from macular degeneration has left my dominant eye with a large blind spot and that interferes with my eyesight. Wearing an eye patch helps me see better and I now wear a patch almost full time. Therefore, I need an eye patch that is comfortable, blocks light, allows my bad eye to blink under the patch, and fits under my glasses. Your eye patch does all of that and it looks nice as well. Amazingly, your eye patches are priced only a little more than drug store eye patches but are vastly superior to those...Therefore, thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Children's Eye Patch | Jennifer in California

Almost a year ago my 5 year old daughter had to start wearing an eye patch. The band aid type irritated her skin and hurt her when it was removed. I found your eye patches online and am very happy that I did. The color selection goes a LONG way in encouraging her to wear a patch and the washable materials lets her continue on as normal, which for her means lots of mud play. The only mistake I made with these patches, was to not order enough. I just made my third purchase, since I just discovered that patching will likely continue for a few more years. Thanks for making such a great product for kids!!!

Gold Eye Patch | Tracy in Camp Verde, Arizona

Thank you so much for the "gold patch" that was sent along with the black one we ordered. It was a very nice surprise. We received it yesterday and my husband was able to wear it for the Packers game last night!! He really does like the patch. It is so much better than those you buy in the store. Thanks again. Go Packers!!!!!

Delighted with the Eye Patch | Nancy

Thank you! My husband is delighted with it!!

Greatest Women's Eye Patch | Fiona

Thank you for sending my eye patch so quickly. It is definitely the best eye patch I have ever had. My silk patches aren’t cleanable or waterproof, but now I don't have to worry. I wish I had ordered 2 but I know where to come if I need to order a second patch. You guys are the greatest and I can't thank you enough.

Comfortable Adult Eye Patch | Jim from Waco, Texas

Just a note to thank you for the speedy delivery (3 days) and a comfortable eye patch. I've used the $5 patches from the drug stores that are adequate but not if you use one for long periods as I do. Thanks again for a quality product and quick shipping.

Cleanable and Reusable Eye Patch | Jodie from Massachusetts

My name is Jodie and I bought my first eye patch from you last August 2013. I needed an eye patch because I suddenly got severe double vision one night while watching television. It was devastating because it was so bad I couldn'tfunction. I have been to many doctors for the last 9 months and they have no answers for me. Your eye patch has been a life saver for me. It is very comfortable to wear, and I love that I can just wash it with soap and water and it is just like new. My husband and I went to Hawaii last August for our 25th Anniversary and the patch was so easy to use and care for--no fuss!! When I asked if the patch could come sooner for our trip, I received it within a few days. That is awesome customer service!! What I appreciate the most about the World's Best Eye Patch is that it fits under my glasses. I couldn't find any other patch that could do that. I like my patch so much I just ordered 2 more so I could wear different colors. Thanks for an awesome eye patch that addresses so many issues!!

Soft, Pliable, Easy Cleaning Eye Patch | Bob from Oregon

I have been wearing eye patches for the last 45 years and your patch is the only one I will continue to use forever. Soft, pliable, cleaning easily to say nothing of how comfortable and non-irritating they are to wear. Been looking forever and finally got lucky and found yours.

Fantastic and Comfortable Eye Patch | Maria from New Jersey

Just received the eye patch today, it’s wonderful and fits like a glove. I had a Cerebral Aneurysm and it causes my right eye to see double while getting therapy my doctor advised me to wear a patch. I bought one from the drug store it made my head hurt so bad. I looked on the net and found you my Angel. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery and your kindness. I will be ordering one in a different color. The patch is so fashionable. God Bless and Thanks again. :)

Really is "The Best Eye Patch" | Sharlene from Australia

Just wanted to let you know the patch arrived yesterday. It is true what you say, it really is "The Best Eye Patch"! My husband has felt immediate relief since wearing the patch and he has tried many many patches after suffering for many years. It is wonderful to know he is not suffering as much as he was prior to wearing your patch. We can't thank you enough. I will order a couple more shortly as it always pays to have spares. Kindest regards.

Adult Women's Eye Patch | Candi from Philippines

I was skeptical that my mom would wear the eye patch I ordered here. To my delight SHE loved the comfort of it. And a bonus was that she loved that it was pink. I am from the Philippines and happy you ship internationally I am also very satisfied with this purchase!!!

Attractive Children's Eye Patch | Ingrid Carlson, MD, Colorado Springs, CO

Hello, Our team has returned from our medical mission and would like to personally thank you for the box of eye patches. The children in Grenada with amblyopia greatly benefitted from your durable, reusable, attractive eye patches Thanks Again!

Great Eye Patch and Service | Kevin from San Diego

I'm a Marine who got a huge metal pin lodged an inch deep directly into my left eye during Tank Operations. Ever since my accident, which didn't completely destroy my eye, I have been dealing with overwhelming photophobia. I have been through many eye patches, and spent a good amount on custom suede patches. Nothing amounts to your patch, it is absolutely the right shape, texture, and price. My main worry was the elastic bands, but it doesn't matter because the material of the patch is so comfortable on the face. Also, I ordered the patch the same day I ordered a custom suede patch paying more for 2 day shipping, and your Best Patch in the World came in the same day. Thank you so much for your absolutely great service, and great product. Semper Fidelis.

Awesome New Eye Patch | Camille

I have optic neuritis, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, and I am permanently on forearm crutches. This new eye patch is awesome. Its Perfect for my blind right eye (optic neuritis) It's a soft comfortable silicone patch that's easily cleanable and durable. I love it!!

Truly a Great Eye Patch | Harry

Got the eye patch today. It was all you said it would be. It does fit really nice and isn't too tight and doesn't pinch any where. I am one who can loose any thing at any moment so I am going to order more of these just so I don't loose them and then be in trouble. Again many thanks for selling a product that is priced right and does what it says it will do. Again thank you so much for your very fast service and product and all your help you gave me. Have a great life and I hope all the best in the world to you guys.

The Eye Patch is so Comfortable and Durable | Conrad, Near Liverpool, UK

Thank you so much. The patch is so comfortable and durable. Dog proof too...don't ask.! It came very quickly considering the distance over the Atlantic. Have purchased a spare immediately, I was so pleased with it.

Eye Patch Better than the Competition | Pam for Ron

I'm 80 years old and weeks ago found I needed to begin wearing an eye patch (ocular myasthenia gravis). I purchased two locally from different vendors and was unsatisfied with both. I found your website, liked what it said, and decided to give you a try. The eye patch arrived today and within hours I decided I wanted another one just like it as backup (order just placed). It has far surpassed the first two and I'm happy the old saying "third time is a charm" rings true here.

Great Eye Patches | David of Massachusetts

I just wanted to let you know that these are great eye patches, thus my second order (a spare and extra bands) within about a week. I have tried a lot of other brands and this is the best so far.

Absolutely "The Best Eye Patch in the World" | John L*** way down South

I received your eye patch today and you are absolutely correct, it is the Best Eye Patch in the World. I mainly just wanted you to know that you have an excellent product and I am most pleased I found you on line. Regards and best wishes. If you ever need a witness to the quality of the patch, let me know.

Perfect Eye Patch | United Kingdom

Patch arrived yesterday.
In perfect order.
Very happy with it.
Thanks again."

Great Product and Prompt Service | Very Happy Eye Patch Customer

Many thanks for a great product and such prompt service. The eye patch arrived here in a few days, which is astonishingly fast. I take anti-coagulants and every few months I get a hemorrhage in an eye, which is not painful or serious at all, but looks quite unpleasant. A few days ago I got one that covers the whole eye, and makes me look like something out of a horror movie. It prompted me to do some further research on eye patches, which until now have always been uncomfortable. No more! Yours is superbly comfortable, and will see out this episode and no doubt several future ones.

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