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Eye Patch and Eye Patches Eye Patch and Eye Patches Eye Patch and Eye Patches
Eye Patch and Eye Patches Eye Patch and Eye Patches Eye Patch and Eye Patches

This eye patch is amazing! AMAZING!!! It’s very comfortable and super soft yet holds it shape. It actually feels cool and soothing. It really fits. It stays put. It is low profile and fits under my glasses. It’s properly sized to the shape of the eye. It doesn't overwhelm your face (I’m a small female). It looks natural, not freakish. It switches from eye to eye easily (I have to do that hourly) and it doesn’t fall apart or fray or lose its shape with constant handling. It allows the covered eye to blink unobstructed. I feel confident wearing it. I can wear it in the water - yippee! The colors give me a fun way to express myself. The natural tones are nice too. The holes for the elastic are in the right places on the patch. The elastic strap is adjustable and comfortable. This is the best best best patch I’ve ever had. And the order came quickly. A million, million thanks for making a colorful and affordable product that actually works.

Liz from Santa Rosa 4/30/14

Just a note to thank you for the speedy delivery (3 days) and a comfortable eye patch. I've used the $5 patches from the drug stores that are adequate but not if you use one for long periods as I do. Thanks again for a quality product and quick shipping.

Jim from Waco 4/4/14

My name is Jodie and I bought my first eye patch from you last August 2013.
I needed an eye patch because I suddenly got severe double vision one night
while watching television. It was devastating because it was so bad I couldn'tfunction. I have been to many doctors for the last 9 months and they have no answers for me. Your eye patch has been a life saver for me. It is very comfortable to wear, and I love that I can just wash it with soap and water and it is just like new. My husband and I went to Hawaii last August for our 25th Anniversary and the patch was so easy to use and care for--no fuss!! When I asked if the patch could come sooner for our trip, I received it within a few days. That is awesome customer service!! What I appreciate the most about the World's Best Eye Patch is that it fits under my glasses. I couldn't find any other patch that could do that. I like my patch so much I just ordered 2 more so I could wear different colors. Thanks for an awesome eye patch that addresses so many issues!!

Jodie from Massachusetts 3/26/14

I have been wearing eye patches for the last 45 years and your patch is the only one I will continue to use forever. Soft, pliable, cleaning easily to say nothing of how comfortable and non-irritating they are to wear. Been looking forever and finally got lucky and found yours.

Bob from Oregon 3/22/14

Just received the eye patch today, it’s wonderful and fits like a glove. I had a Cerebral Aneurysm and it causes my right eye to see double while getting therapy my doctor advised me to wear a patch. I bought one from the drug store it made my head hurt so bad. I looked on the net and found you my Angel. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery and your kindness. I will be ordering one in a different color. The patch is so fashionable. God Bless and Thanks again. :)

Maria from New Jersey 3/14/2014

Just wanted to let you know the patch arrived yesterday. It is true what you say, it really is "The Best Eye Patch"! My husband has felt immediate relief since wearing the patch and he has tried many many patches after suffering for many years. It is wonderful to know he is not suffering as much as he was prior to wearing your patch. We can't thank you enough. I will order a couple more shortly as it always pays to have spares.

Kindest regards, Sharlene from Australia 3/8/14

I was skeptical that my mom would wear the eye patch I ordered here. To my delight SHE loved the comfort of it. And a bonus was that she loved that it was pink. I am from the Philippines and happy you ship internationally I am also very satisfied with this purchase!!!

Candi from Philippines 1/9/14

Hello, Our team has returned from our medical mission and would like to personally thank you for the box of eye patches. The children in Grenada with amblyopia greatly benefitted from your durable, reusable, attractive eye patches Thanks Again!

Ingrid Carlson, MD Colorado Springs, CO 12/12/12

I'm a Marine who got a huge metal pin lodged an inch deep directly into my left eye during Tank Operations. Ever since my accident, which didn't completely destroy my eye, I have been dealing with overwhelming photophobia. I have been through many eye patches, and spent a good amount on custom suede patches. Nothing amounts to your patch, it is absolutely the right shape, texture, and price. My main worry was the elastic bands, but it doesn't matter because the material of the patch is so comfortable on the face. Also, I ordered the patch the same day I ordered a custom suede patch paying more for 2 day shipping, and your Best Patch in the World came in the same day. Thank you so much for your absolutely great service, and great product. Semper Fidelis.

Kevin from San Diego April 7, 2013

I have optic neuritis, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, and I am permanently on forearm crutches. This new eye patch is awesome. Its Perfect for my blind right eye (optic neuritis) It's a soft comfortable silicone patch that's easily cleanable and durable. I love it!!

Camille March 25, 2013

Got the eye patch today. It was all you said it would be. It does fit really nice and isn't too tight and doesn't pinch any where. I am one who can loose any thing at any moment so I am going to order more of these just so I don't loose them and then be in trouble. Again many thanks for selling a product that is priced right and does what it says it will do. Again thank you so much for your very fast service and product and all your help you gave me. Have a great life and I hope all the best in the world to you guys.

Harry January 29, 2013

Thank you so much. The patch is so comfortable and durable. Dog proof too...don't ask.! It came very quickly considering the distance over the Atlantic. Have purchased a spare immediately, I was so pleased with it.

Conrad, UK (near Liverpool) September 28, 2012

I'm 80 years old and weeks ago found I needed to begin wearing an eye patch (ocular myasthenia gravis). I purchased two locally from different vendors and was unsatisfied with both. I found your website, liked what it said, and decided to give you a try. The eye patch arrived today and within hours I decided I wanted another one just like it as backup (order just placed). It has far surpassed the first two and I'm happy the old saying "third time is a charm" rings true here.

Pam for Ron  August 3, 2012

"I just wanted to let you know that these are great eye patches, thus my second order (a spare and extra bands) within about a week. I have tried a lot of other brands and this is the best so far.

David of Massachusetts June 9, 2012

I received your eye patch today and you are absolutely correct, it is the Best Eye Patch in the World. I mainly just wanted you to know that you have an excellent product and I am most pleased I found you on line. Regards and best wishes. If you ever need a witness to the quality of the patch, let me know.

John L*** way down South.  May 8, 2012

Patch arrived yesterday.
In perfect order.
Very happy with it.
Thanks again."

United Kingdom March 24, 2012

Many thanks for a great product and such prompt service. The eye patch arrived here in a few days, which is astonishingly fast. I take anti-coagulants and every few months I get a hemorrhage in an eye, which is not painful or serious at all, but looks quite unpleasant. A few days ago I got one that covers the whole eye, and makes me look like something out of a horror movie. It prompted me to do some further research on eye patches, which until now have always been uncomfortable. No more! Yours is superbly comfortable, and will see out this episode and no doubt several future ones.

March 11, 2012

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