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Eye Patch and Eye Patches Eye Patch and Eye Patches Eye Patch and Eye Patches

FAQ's | World's Best Eye Patch

Here are some popular questions we receive about our eye patches; however, if we have not answered your questions, please contact us through our contact page.
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What is the patch made of?

The patch is molded of 100% silicone. There are no bindings, no seams and no nylon threads; nothing to rub, chafe, wear holes in the skin or irritate in any way. It is flexible and soft, but not crushable.

Does each patch come with elastic?

Yes, each patch comes with one, fully adjustable, elastic strap. It is 1/8th inch braided elastic. The elastic can be re-knotted as it stretches to allow for longer use.When completely spent, it can be easily replaced. The elastic is usually available at your local fabric store or you can order packages of 6 replacement straps here.

Can I wear The Best Eye Patch under glasses?

This patch does have a lower profile than many pointed, cone-shaped ones. However, it will not fit under all glasses because it is rounded to allow most eyes and lashes to continue to move unrestricted. It depends on how far from your face you wear glasses and the shape of your particular face. I could wear my patch behind some glasses but not all. For that reason I wear a monocle.
How big is the patch?

The profile is lower on The Best Eye Patch than many other designs. It is not a pointed cone, but a soft dome. The height
of our patch allows for the unrestricted eyelash movement beneath it for most people.

Eye Patch Size Chart
Do the patches block all light?

Since ours is not an adhesive patch, light can seep in around the edges when you talk, change expression or otherwise move your facial muscles. The darker colors absorb much of the light that seeps in and the lighter colors reflect it behind the patch. The darker the patch, the more light it absorbs. Some of the very bright colors are not as opaque as the darker ones and will be lighter behind the patch. This is especially true of the Yellow Sun and Safety Orange.

How long will the eye patch last?

Years. The patch is washable so make-up, body oils, dirt and nearly anything washes off easily with soap and water.

How do I replace the elastic?

We use an upholstery needle to thread the elastic into the patches. It is blunt and has a large eye making it easy to insert the elastic into the needle and is long enough to make it easy to pull through the patch. You can probably get one at the fabric store along with the elastic. We have also used a ball point pen to push it through. A twist-tie folded over to make a loop also works as a threader in a pinch. Any other suggestions would be welcome on our Facebook page. The elastic is usually available at your local fabric store or you can order packages of 6 replacement straps here.

Can I wear it swimming?

Yes. It is made of silicone and is water proof. It will not get wet or soggy as will cardboard or various other common patch materials. It can be used without worry in any wet situation, including rain.

What size should I order?

The larger, adult size, patch is smaller than the average drug store variety but fits most adults comfortably. The smaller, child size, patch usually fits children up to the age of 7 or 8. It depends a lot on the child. After age 8, the adult size usually works well for young people. See the dimensions above for more information. If you still have concerns about size, contact me for a copy of the eye patch tracings. You can print them, cut them out and try them out for size.

What are the benefits of the Best Eye Patch?
Eye Patch Benefits

What if I want several patches? Is there a discount?

We offer Buy 4-Get 5. At the bottom of the order page, below the big purple box marked Buy 4-Get 5, just write in the 5 colors you want and click “Add To Cart”. It will compute at the price of 4 patches automatically.

Can I get expedited shipping?

There are shipping options available during the checkout process. If you are interested in special shipping that is not listed, contact me for pricing.

Where are the patches made?

The patches are made right here in the USA, Racine, Wisconsin to be exact. They are manufactured by 2, lovely, local ladies and assembled and packaged by me and my wife, Juley who also handles the orders and inquiries.

Eye Patch and Eye Patches Eye Patch and Eye Patches Eye Patch and Eye Patches

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